wet & shiny

i drove out friday to an engagement party in boystown. that was friggin’ scary (the rain not the boys). it was hot, humid & rainy. my car was playing AC roulette. i barely saw my way through traffic besides the signal lights and the backlights of the car in front of me. i imagine this is what having cataracts is like. then the AC would kick in for 5 minutes and all was clear & good. then it would die out. back to mr. magoo. by the time i got to the place, i was so agitated. i told the valet, good luck! i’m going in for a few glasses of prosecco & pate, damnit!

it rained A LOT all weekend. nonstop. it seemed forever. it overflowed the river nearby. so much so, that a whole park was submerged under water and you can barely see the park benches. people who lived closest to the river had to evacuate. thankfully, our place was fine. the yard was a bit swampy but it seeped into the ground as soon as the rain became sprinkles. at least my front yard was very happy, because i never water it. hehehee

this morning traffic was insane from all the rain. some streets were closed off. side streets were bumper to bumper. i was gridlocked like ms. pacman. no escape or super cherry to save me now. what should have been only a half hour errand became 1.5hrs from just five blocks. i should have biked. damnit!

oh, you know what’s another messed up thing? is when people you supposedly know uses your photo(s) to promote their own thing and not mentioning once that they’re using it on their site or even any acknowledgment anywhere. that’s f**ked up! you know who you are

meeeh, its only friggin’ monday!

in other news: a good salad. simple. tasty. it all works out…just the salad that is.

baby arugula, parmesan, dates, lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil.

listening: under pressure – queen & david bowie

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  1. ooh, i make a (winter) salad very much like this except instead of dates, i use carmelized pears and walnuts. i’ll have to try your version one of these days!


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