currently in nyc. i left beautiful sunny hot chicago for gloomy wet humid new york city. oh well. its still much better than being here in the middle of summer. subway are just unbearable then. 
today, while waiting for the train on the platform, i mentioned to my dad that i’ve seen rats running amok in the late evening hours. as he looked down, one ran across the track. *shudder*
more eating, walking, some shopping, more eating.

4 thoughts on “

  1. oh! enjoy your trip! =)

    i’ve been in NYC twice: one time in march and one time in july – i definitely prefer the “cold” manhattan, no doubt.

  2. I kind of like seeing the rats on the tracks. It’s like a mini-zoo, and you know you’re safe because they’re way down there. It’s when they’re at my level on the sidewalks that I can’t handle.

  3. jessi, my dad thought it was kinda neat. but your right, i’ve had one or two run across my feet when a bunch were swirling around a pile of garbage. that was NOT cool.

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