chinatown a.m.

back from the big apple. had a nice time even though it rained daily the whole time we were there. but we still made the best of it. definitely an experience i have to note for future travels with my dad. even though my dad is still pretty active for his age (late 60s hittin’ 70s), its still a challenge at best. this is what i’ve learned from traveling with the elderly, its like having a child:

– time. your forced to start the day butt early. i’m a morning person but i don’t get up at 5am on vacation. then, they also have to be in bed by 9:30 or 10pm.
– must bring snacks at all times. you’ll never know when they start whining their hungry. at the same time you can’t just pick any place because their picky eaters & some foods just don’t do well with dentures.
– bathroom. you have to remind them if they’ve gone to the wc. especially when its long waits & long rides on the weekend trains. bladder muscles aren’t as strong when you get old.
– walking. in nyc that’s what you do A LOT. if there was such a thing as a big stroller. old people would be in it too.
– airport security. just gotta strip them of everything before going through the detectors. old people like to hang on to things, otherwise it holds up the line. by the 4th walk through, my dad said “damnit! i’ll just come in my underwear next time. hahaha”
– language. old people will say whatever pops in their head, cause they don’t give a shit. sometimes its good that he doesn’t speak english (only 2% of the time). especially when he comments on the airline stewardesses loudly (and this is as close as i can get in translation). “my god, the stewardesses here are a bunch of old bags. you’d never see that in asia where they’re young & fit. why are there old bags working?!”
– packing. next time i’ll have to do my own baggage check. he packed as though we were going to the beach.
– patience. maybe its just my dad, but he has no patience when it comes to lines. he was literally on this man’s shoulder and pushing his way through the skinny plane aisle as the man was trying to get his luggage from the over head bunk. as we passed, i said sorry.
– why. they ask why a lot. why is that…? why is it…? i just have to give some sort of bullshit answer even though i don’t know why, otherwise it doesn’t stop.

all in all it was still a nice short trip. like i said, if it wasn’t for the rain, i think it would have been nice to do some outdoor things. i have to laugh at the few things that happened throughout the few days, because their old and they can’t help it sometimes. i didn’t get to see any friends while in town except one. i’ll just have to go back on my own next time to see everyone. its all good.

more post later. back to the grind.

ps. we came in late. waiting for the bus on a sunday night takes forever but it all goes away when you find a $100 bill in the half empty bus. how cool was that?! i gave it to my dad. he’s old & retired.

listen: sing for the moment – aerosmith

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  1. hahah your dad is a riot!!!!!!!!!! glad you managed to have a nice time and that apple pie/tart thingy looks to die for. yummmmmmmmmmm.

  2. LOL over this entire post. Your dad is awesome. I wish we could all be honest about what we like and dislike. You make being old sound fun — kooky but fun.

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