deluxe food market

by now, its obvious we were in chinatown a lot. we managed to explore chinatown manhattan & chinatown brooklyn. we didn’t get enough time to trudge over to chinatown flushing but that will have to wait till next time.

i’ve come to the conclusion that maybe my dad’s a racist foodie (sounds harsh but i just think its funny cause he’s old). for him its chinese, everything else isn’t good enough. but i give him credit for trying other ethic foods (we just don’t tell him until were there) which then he’ll reiterate the superior food of all being. so, when we took him to deluxe on elizabeth, he was like a kid in a candy store. his eyes were bigger than his stomach. we would eat and then go buy more to go for later to munch. forget clothes shopping in nyc its all about doggie bags & food to-go.

morning, lunch & dinner

when out & about in new york…you just see & hear more crazier shit than most days. one of the things we saw that even my dad was grossed out was when a couple walking in front of us dropped one of their chinese bakery on the ground (on the dark grubby gummed up sidewalk of canal st) picked it up and did a 5 second pat, as if that would remove all the yuckiness chinatown streets has to offer. eeew! i know stuff like this happens anywhere but by god, i love new york.

anyhoo, i did manage to sneak out a night to my girl C’s lil supper club. even though your eating with strangers it all becomes good company. the theme ingredient for the night was apple. i’m not a pure apple eater but i’ll happily eat it, if someone else slice, chop, mix or stuff it in things, cause i’m lazy like that. plus i was also happy to not have chinese food for a night. ha!

apple cilantro caipirinha

though i’ve tried pure caipirinha, i really do love fruity caipirinhas. earlier this year, i was downing passionfruit caipirinha like crazy in costa rica with the family before we all stumbled back to our jungle hut or the beach. so the apple caipirinha was definitely a lovely start to a lovely meal.

my supper

check out the detailed september menu here. everything was delish. wine is paired to the meal. i was pretty full by the 2nd course. so, when i got to dessert i only made a small dent to my apple tart. so sad. so if anyone is in the manhattan area, go have supper with strangers yourself.

listen: 8 minutes to sunrise – common & jill scott


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  1. i checked the menu: the main dish would have been my favorite i guess! how was the wine?

    hehe, doggie bags & food to go aren't definitely NOT my things – nothing beats shopping for clothes & shoes, even in NYC! LOL

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