newly scored!

just got my newest pyrex pieces and its super cute. aren’t they?? (see picture above) i have a thing for pyrex. vintage. color. fun shapes & sizes. even better if it still has a glass cover or a tray stand. but must be vintage. when people (esp. family and some friends) find that i like pyrex, they don’t understand it not any ‘ol pyrex. so one year, bless her heart, my MIL got me a gigantic box of pyrex. when i opened it, it was a box of clear multi glass pyrex with plastic covers to match that you can now buy at mega store costco or linen-n-things. i use it but its just not the same as the vintage pyrex. its functional but just not as cute, ya know? i know, such a pyrex snob i am.

fun colors!!

listen: beautiful way – beck

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  1. you know that i love to comment on your site but now i can’t because i (believe it or not) haven’t heard of pyrex before… LOL!

    happy weekend! you’re already better?

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