*night of style*

last night, i took a breather from work and went to the night of style event hosted by a local radio station. it was held at a handbag studio. i guess its all the rave. ladies were going ape crazy for these bags. i heard the sample sale earlier last month was a huge mad house like a filene’s wedding dress sale. its okay, if its the right pattern/material, maybe. i still don’t really care for it and most of the readymades were kinda ugs, if not tacky. expensive too might i add, but thats me. my leather purse (from argentina) cost less than some of these upholstery covered bags. anyhoo, great to check out but really not my cup of tea. hey, the wine & hors d’oeuvres were yummy.

tonight i’m off to a free preview of soon-to-be ex-mr. madonna’s new film. [update: although it was good but not anything new & awesome about it]

in other news: nothing really just working my ass off.

listen: H to the Izzo – jay-z

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