How do you like them apples?? its that time of year where apples are everywhere. i got a ginomous bag from the family when they went apple picking. what to do with it all. i’m not really an apple eating gal, except when its affy tapples. i guess its the best time to experiment with my so-so baking talent (which is a 3/5, but some may think higher. they’ve been fooled by lotsa sugar & butter. muwhahahaha). baking requires accuracy that i don’t have patience for. so, this is what i made so far:

apple walnut tartlets w/ dulce de leche
apple oatmeal scones
apple & pear galette w/ dulce de leche

everything was made with the least hassle. readymade pie dough & tartlet cups. i just found whatever ingredients in the house to mix in to make it more interesting. i used up all the dulce de leche i brought back from argentina because if i don’t, i’ll just never touch the stuff for a long time until i find it in the black cabinet hole all rancid, moldy or hairy. i just don’t move sweets out of this house very fast. And since i don’t really have a sweet tooth, i gave most of the above creations away. i just want a bite or two, that’s it. i still have a big bowl of apples left. what can i make next?? mmm….

in other news: its getting cold. probably a good timing to hide my frumpy-self in big sweaters & jackets.


One thought on “

  1. an apple a day keeps the doctor away… LOL

    i always have apples at home on my kitchen table and i eat 1 or 2 daily (braeburn preferred!).

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