birthday flowers & cards

i’ve been so bad with my posts lately. its not that i don’t want to its just that i’ve been lacking the motivation. i really give credit to people who can post daily or semi-daily. it really takes effort and creative writing to have a brain dump. so if this post doesn’t make sense, blame it on the drugs (i just had oral surgery yesterday and require pain killer).

so, this year its been overwhelmingly sweet with all the birthday wishes in all different forms & format. emails. text messages. snail mails. phone. voicemails. you name it! friends from far far away and close by. its definitely a warm fuzzy feeling. (you know who you are) thx u! the one person who never remembers is my dad. he had actually called to chit-chat on the day of my birthday, but didn’t faze him when i told him what day it was. its always been like that. no big deal. no gifts. no birthday wishes. just whatever. its only been the last few years, i’ve begun to appreciate my birthdays. though, i’m still not use to the spotlight nor the loud birthday singing in a restaurant. i just enjoy having people remember. its the perfect excuse to get together for a meal or two. of course pressies are nice, too! hehe

anyhoo, this year was a week of daily birthday dinners. i can’t complain as i love to eat and i barely go out to eat as is.

wed: tapas & sangria @ arco de cuchilleros
it was an off night. i didn’t like the staple tapas, espanola tortilla. they we didn’t realize they premake their paella because one of our guest didn’t eat meat so we didn’t order it.

thurs: had yummy neopolitan style pizza @ antica pizzeria (5663 n clark st.)
sorry no pictures of the super thin crust pizza i had because it was super dark and all the pictures came out blurry. then i got tired of playing with all the camera and just wanted to eat.

fri: peking duck dinner @ sun wah (1134 n argyle st.)
i’ve always enjoyed this hole in the wall. though its getting more & more popular with the non-asian community. don’t know if thats a good or bad thing. as long as they keep tasting the way they have been, i’m okay.

sat: 12 course tasting menu @ arun’s (4156 n kedzie)
i didn’t take pictures of all my food just because its one of those places where the staff stand literally next to you, clearing every dish & utensil as you drop, dripple or finish each course. i guess one can’t complain about the service. its fancy, people.

in other news: i’ve got to clear & winterize my yard soon before a big snow storm hits. thankfully it skipped us and went east into indiana. i guess not so lucky for them.


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