time to make some food

the other day while shopping for a friend’s birthday gift i came across a huge cookbook sale. 20 – 70% off. i stood at the case for a half and hour. i picked up 2 and walked around the store a few times. i had to justify why i would need these new cookbooks. the books in my arm were crying to be bought, especially the nicely designed books, the ones with beautiful pictures attached to each recipe. *swoon* its all food porn, really. salivating for something that i will probably never attempt when it requires for things i don’t have in my house (veal stock reduction, foie gras, 100 yr old balsmic vinegar, etc. yeah, right). all very very tempting, but alas i put it all down. i just don’t have the room for it all and i simply need to start making stuff with all the books, magazines & clippings i have at home. if i do acquire any new cookbooks, my new rule is: it was a gift from someone or if it was only $1.

spagetti w/ peas & bacon

one of the best place for recipes, i have to say, is Everyday Food. its pretty simple to follow and its ingredients that is more easily accessible. this recipe was from the mar. ’08 issue. i had all three key ingredients, which is awesome. who doesn’t like bacon??!!

damn its cold out there! i guess its not that bad if i bundle myself like a michelin tire character and faced the temperature head on. but then again, its much easier to stay inside, in one layer of clothes and watch from my window as the frigid air whips someone else around.

listening: you know i’m no good – amy winehouse


2 thoughts on “

  1. mmhh, spaghetti! great pic, yummy.

    btw, last night i was actually dressed like the michelin man! LOL!

    and it was a good idea with all that snow & wind chill… 😉

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