back from the big easy aka NOLA aka crescent city. its been awhile since i was last there, like probably 15yrs ago during mardi gras, where you’d have to squeeze through a sea of chads & trixies, trample over beer, whipping beads & flashing boobs. the french quarter is one of the few places you can be obnoxious & loud all year round plus blow chunks anywhere because they do huge street clean in the early am hours before the next day starts again. its definitely died down this time around.

on our first day in, we got mixed in on some stupid rule for cabs at the airport (told by our cab driver later because he couldn’t argue with the people making these rules). since there were six of us, ideally you’d think it be nice to fit us all in a minivan taxi, right? or that is what i was hoping for. noooo… they separated us into 2 minivan taxis. because apparently ground transporation people at the airport got their extra side business for making stupid rules for 3ppl per taxi. i can see that for a small cab but not a minivan. obviously no one gives a damn about being green. all they care about is seeing more green$. i was annoyed. final cost: $36 total. which you’d think we’d be able to all pile into one on our way back to the airport for the same price above. well some how, they managed to add so much extra $urcharges that it became $12per person! wtf??!! ah, corruption happens in all parts. the NOPD is no exception. i guess they make chitown police seem like puppies when it comes to corruption.

we got to the guesthouse 3hrs before check-in time. but the place was so empty, they literally handed us a handful of keys and said we could pick any room we wanted for the same price we quoted for. how cool was that?

an when your down south like that, beware its food porn from here:

@ Coop’s Place

@ Cochon

@ parasol’s

@ clover grill

to be continued… let’s hope soon before i lose momentum.

in other news: its friggin’ freezing cold out there!!

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