Now if you must
here’s a lil’ list of things i really don’t need but its okay if its a gift.

it be nice to have these self watering planters for those far to reach plants on the top shelf or i just need to get my lazy ass up a chair and water my plants myself.

if i were to have a fake plant, i’d go for this cute mechanical one. great for windowless areas.

a little birdie told me this would be really cute around my neck.
not that i’ve hung all the artwork i have sitting in tubes & frames, but i would love having any of her prints on my wall.
a mad bomber would make my head nice & toasty warm. this is probably the most practical & needed item. i can sure use it when i shovel the snow in negative temperatures.
its for kids but who cares. its a kitty backpack and its too dang cute (they also have a dog version, too!)

“ninjas vs luchadores”
i really don’t need another t-shirt but this is so funny & cute. can you tell i’m a sucker for cuteness?my coffee maker is fine and i do have a stovetop espress maker but i always wanted a coffee press.

i’m trying to have less junk in this house by putting a stop to most of my subscriptions to a minimum (only 2 at this point) but if i could i’d love to have theme at my doorstep.
now, i think the wii fit would be a benefit to my health. i would have probably gotten this a long time ago myself but i refuse to pay the inflated cost because of supply & demand. for now, i’ll have to stick to classes & my memory.

i suppose if i don’t get any of this stuff i’ll just window web shop and press my nose close to the screen while i swoon over it until make myself sick. happy holiday shopping!

in other news: holy crap, its in the negative negatives out here!

listen: your my best friend – queen

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  1. oh! you like bodum products too – i have a coffee press and a tea press! it's a bit sad that i make my coffee with a philips senseo machine now…

    i like the "the most practical & needed item"!

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