hanging out by the heater

Its a blizzard outside but i don’t care. my hissing & clanky radiators work and that’s all that matters. though i made a quick visit upstairs and boy was their apt insanely HOT up there. what can i do, heat rises & i have super high ceilings. boo for me. wahoo for them. i just need to add a few layers and maybe a space heater, i’m good. i’m just glad i don’t have frozen pipes & bad heating systems like a few unfortunate souls.

a friend who just came back from Japan recently gave me two souvenir choices. toed-socks, so you can wear tong like shoes or a two sided pattern fabric used for japanese style gift giving, furoshiki. not knowing what i’ll be using either, i chose the later one. i was told the fabric was used to basically wrap the gift with, deliver, unwrap it for the receiver and then take back the cloth. i really don’t know when i’ll ever do that. i should never say never. because during the week while putting client gifts together, we had no idea how to package all the different things we had chosen for the client. after a couple of tries with boxes & baskets we decided to try out the furoshiki fabric.

my attempt at furoshiki

Voila! it packaged everything perfectly. we delivered it personally. it became a nice way of gift giving, personal & totally green. who knew i’d make use of it. *shrug*

in other news: i’m not expecting much or anything this year. with all this economic upheaval were lucky were getting together to celebrate. low and behold, i get an unexpected gift. the best kind. simple. homemade. my friend, R handed me a huge bag of homemade granola. fresh, healthy & delish. good anytime. it feeds me while i figure out what i want to make for dinner.

listen: there there – radiohead


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