winter blues are here to stay. i’ve got no plans nor the money to go anywhere at this point. kinda depressing if i think of it really. beach would be nice but all we had was a huge snow storm over the weekend. i did a lot of shoveling. its all a blanket of white but its kinda disgusting when every snow pile is sprayed w/ yellow pee stains. i probably won’t be driving much until the snow piles die down a bit, cause it was not fun the other day when i nearly mowed down a few geriatrics who were way too anxious to cross the walk(before it turned red) on the corner while i skidded and plowed right into them. they were able to jump back a few steps but one stumbled & fell into the snow. when she got up, i got the most evil bitching look from old the old lady. i’ll take that over an actually injury. must invest in 4-wheel drive for future winters.

that’s it for now.


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  1. winter blues. i hear you. =/

    actually i like winter, especially the weather right now with 100% sun & the crispy air (7f right now). but my heating bill will be another story. ugh.

    oh, and i'm really glad i bought a land rover last summer…

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