its f*** freezin’ out here!! on the radio this morning they were asking what could be the worst job in this deep freeze. mailman, garbage, construction?? i don’t care, its all bad, that’s all i’ve got to say.

the other day my BIL brought over some sweets during our family get together. we had a taste test of our own :

1) Vosges Mo’s bacon bar: my other BIL & i both took a bite at the same time. we both winced. he said it was chocolate w/ a side of dog food. hahhaha. i thought it tasted like a shoe. not that i’ve ever had shoe but if you smell a pair of wet shoe, its as though that smell is on your tongue. bleecch! there is a hint of bacon but your too digusted by the mere combination to notice. i think i’ll have my chocolate & bacon separately, thk you very much.

2) 3400 Phinney Bread & chocolate: don’t really understand the concept of this but we tried it anyway. BIL said it taste like dark chocolate. me, yup i agree. i don’t see how french bread have its own taste in the chocolate. now if they had a loaf of french bread w/ dark chocolate sandwiched inside, maybe that’s something but isn’t that what a chocolate croissant is for?

3) dinkels kolacky cookies: they were huge. not the usually bite size cookies that i’m use to. we demolished that stuff within minutes before we even realized that those were the cookies and not danishes, because we were still looking for the cookies afterwards. hahaha.

eh, we’re no sweet tooth conniosseurs, maybe it is all gourmet & stuff. after all that we managed to whip up some white russians to continue the sugar attack. eeeck!

in other news: i’m on day 3 with my wii fit. its my lazy way of not actually going out to a gym. let’s see if i actually shed anything after 2wks.

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  1. I tried the bacon bar too a few months ago and was dissapointed too. The bacon craze has gone too far. Perhaps some things just shouldn’t go together.

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