lucky hues of reds


here are a few things you should NOT do today:

– sweeping & cleaning the house, sweeping away one’s luck & fortune.
– eat meat. the first day is usually a vegetarian meal for longevity. be nice celebrate & appreciate all living things today
– buy books because it sounds too sounds very close to “lose”, you may lose $, job, a bet, your car, etc. so put that amazon purchase on hold for now.
– wear black or white is death/funeral. at least not an whole outfit, i’m westernizing the tradition here. gotta add some color (red, brights) to deter some of that bad stuff away.
– wash your hair or cut your hair, otherwise your washing away or cutting your own luck away
– offering anything in 4’s because it also sounds close to “death”, double it if you have to cause 8 meanswealth.
– foul or bad language, just not appropriate to start the new year with.

as quirky as some of these may sound, its been ingrained in my head for all these years and i have no choice but to follow all if i remember them all.

in other news: there are days where other people just drive extremely moronic than other days. i swear, i almost got hit 3x even though i had the right of way.

listen: i’ve got the world on a string – diana krall & tony bennet


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