the re-gifted gifts

i didn’t do anything this weekend that had to do with the superbowl but i did have parties & get togethers all weekend long.

friday was a long belated birthday celebrations for a friend. an excuse to eat lots of hearty food.

saturday was the 2nd annual re-gift party with the girls in the ‘hood. always good food, talk, laughs & bad gifts (a few good ones). it was a good way to catch up with everyone after the holidays and to get rid of the useless gifts we got over x’mas.

sunday was a farewell party a couple friend was having for their foster kid. it was at a mini indoor theme park that was basically an upgrade of chuckie cheese. i ate too much bad pizza & drank soda that i try to avoid these days. at least i skipped the cake.

Italicpizza @ go bananas

in other news: one thing that really irks me on FB besides the confusing interface is being solicitated by a friend/aquaintance i haven’t seen or talked to in a million years and literally reconnected by a confirmation button. it’d be nice to have a few correspondence & dialog before they start marketing their business on me. then ask me to pass it onto my friends. i don’t think so. too bad FB doesn’t have that option to tag ppl in different limited categories: public friend, friend friend and family

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