i love sprinkles!

i often watch the food network at friend’s houses (i don’t have cable). i love watching food & travel shows. i’m always looking for another quick easy recipe to whip up. some chefs with the complicated ingredients & techniques are left for my eyes only, cause i know i’ll never make it. too bad we can’t get a taste test off the television, huh? sometimes those shows just possesses me and i go on this mission to make it. in this case, it was red velvet cupcakes by the queen of “fattening foods”. i ended up making these things at midnight. i wanted them all baked, frosted & sprinkled to eat the next day. it turned out okay (above picture). you can try it for yourself here. i traded a half dozen w/ my neighbor for her delicious turkey 3 bean chili. its good to have other cooking neighbors. saved me from making dinner.

in other news: Crackle, crackle, slide & CRASH!! i image this is what it must sound like in the north pole as the icebergs & snow are melting due to global warming. the building next door had the most ginormous icicles hanging off all around the building (because they have no water drainage gutters from the roof) during the freeze. so with the warm up in the last few days, its been sounding like avalanches. i’m just glad my house is a few yards apart from them. eeesh!

listen: i touch roses – book of love. i actually heard this at the store the othe day. total flash back. i was fingering it to be: cocteau twins, book of love or elastica. what do you know, it was an old album i had but i no longer have a record player to even play it. so, i had to download it from itunes.

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