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its one of those times when everything seems wrong. i think i’ve confirmed that ethiopian food don’t sit well with me. we had it for lunch yesterday. i’ve had it in nyc many years before. it was very very tasty but it made my stomach very angry afterwards. i just thought i ate too much. but i was reconfirmed as my tummy rumbled like an alien was inside. there’s something in the spices that my tummy can’t get along with. oh well, it was good to try it again but i probably won’t be going back anytime soon. 😦

another thing that didn’t fare well was the new coffee we picked up from costco because they were out of our usual sumatra brand. the rwandan roast had a cool label and a bit more expensive. unfortunately expensive & cool doesn’t mean better. it had the weirdest & most unsavory taste. the aroma is a mixed of roasted beans & something foul i can’t pinpoint. to verify we weren’t total coffee snobs, i just let my neighbor try it and she thought the same. i guess its going in the trash. thankfully i picked up some italian roasted beans for backup.


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