more buttah, please!

whenever i get my new issue of everyday food, i flip through & tag pages in hope that i’ll make it soon or someday. i’m a lazy cook. i want it quick & simple and not a lot of mess. baking usually entails a lot of mess: dirty mixing bowls, spatulas, mixers, counters, etc. i really have to be in the mood to make a mess because i really hate cleaning it all up afterwards.

yesterday was one of those rare nights where i made dinner & decided to whip up some scones. after they were baked & cooled, you can’t help but split one in half & slather it w/ more butter. i have to say these aren’t the usual dry, choking, need-some-tea-swallow kinda scones. they were pretty buttery flakey but hell i like to add little more butter. more butter can’t hurt, right? and since i still had some butter out, i also decided to whip up some marshmallow krispies w/ cornflakes. yes, it was a mess in the kitchen but i diligently cleaned it all up just so i don’t have to wake up to it this morning in disgust. ha!

oh, i also tried to bake a no-kneading bread (from the new york times) last week. its not a very messy process but it took me a while to really try it out. the results were okay. i had a super thick crunchy outside & dense inside. i think i didn’t mix the flour & water well enough or i should let it rise longer. who knows, i’ll try it again some other time.

in other news: one of my cats have caught a cold. nothing is more fun than him sneezing his snot all over me or the bed he’s laying on. too bad there’s no way to hold a tissue & have him blow, instead it just keeps running down his face. poor guy.


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