decapitated or hacked?

i’m closing February off with WTFs!

i’m having a reality bites moment where lelaina’s finds her work all hacked up & edited beyond her artistic vision. don’t know why this movie came up but that’s whats up. its stufff like that that gets me all salty. gggrrrr!

wtf is the stamp rate now? i had just used up all my forever stamps. though i take care of a lot of things online, i still have a few lingering ones that need to be tucked into an envelope, stamped & mailed away. so do i need to make a collage of penny stamps to get the correct rate? the rate changes so damn often i can’t keep up anymore. come May its going up again.

90% of the time i bring my own bags to bag my purchases. whenever i go to the korean grocery most of the baggers (who aren’t korean it seems like) just throws shit it there. meat underneath a melon. cans tossed on top of bananas. eggs sitting unstable somewhere in the bag. bread smooshed by boxes. you name it they’ve done it. one time at target, the checkout clerk said she didn’t have time to figure out how to bag all my stuff correctly (so that it all fits into my shopping bag) because she was being “graded” by her speed checkout. i had to take it aside & do it myself. lets just say they aren’t strategic baggers like the peeps @ Trader Joe’s.

finding poop surprise all along the sidewalks when the snow melts. dog walkers in the ‘hood seems to think its okay to let their pooch shit & piss all over the place in the snow w/ out cleaning it up afterwards. it’s like being in france or buenos aires, shit all over the place. wtf ppl, curb your f**kin dog!!

are we in an economic crisis? or is it media sensationalism & i’m taking it all too seriously? why tf is so many people i know have gone or are going on vacations? aren’t they worried about pink slips & bills? i’ve been holding myself back from taking any trips, which i’m dying for one. maybe i need one to go on vacation to chill the f**k out. ha!

finding out a HS classmate is now a grandma? wtf, i’m not that old!

wtf is with this weather. it was snow. slow warm up. balmy 60s. wind. temp drop. snow. 50s. mad downpour. temp drop. flurry. to be continued….

hopefully march will be better. mmm…hope seems to be the word of the 2009, huh?

listen: a shot in the arm – wilco


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