cute calicos & couch

we’ll see how cute they can be without killing our new couch. i’ve already taken a few precautions: sewing some arm rest covers and managing to apply rubber claws to all the cats except for one, who’s being a jerky boy. its suppose to last 5-6wks before they shed to their new nails. its press-in-nails for cats. lol. i’ve got a few packs ready for the next application. maybe this will also save my kitchen chairs from further damage. :/ just to be super safe, we may just throw a sheet over the couch when we have no guests over, so these felines don’t get tempted.

i still need to post my food marathon from last week but i’ve been too lazy. i will soon. plus its been too nice for the past few days to sit inside when its friggin’ 70 outside! but as usual, all good things must come to an end (for now) this weather likes to tease as we know. so its 30 degrees less today. *fist in the air*

gorgeous day to run around campus



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  1. Rubber claws are totally blowing my mind right now! Like whoa… I can’t even imagine that RitaPita might let me apply them to her. She’s such a little psycho, she’d shed them in a day or so.

    I think the funny thing is that once the sofa does get scratched or covered with cat hair, you guys will be like, “Oh whatever!!” and just let all the cats do whatever they want.

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