we don’t go out to the movies much these days. its friggin’ expensive to see a movie in the theaters. i try to add new movies into my netflix queue just so i won’t forget that i wanted to see it when it was out. in the meantime, we’ve been lagging on our netflix movies. i think we have 2 disks sitting on the coffee table for a month now. thank god for no late fees!

so in this economical crisis, i jump at free previews as a perfect excuse to go watch a movie in the theater. we had a little run around prior to showtime but we made it in time to preview i love you, man. its a man-flix, not just for chicks anymore. something the hubs can leave work early & enjoy, cause he likes this stuff. i love paul rudd. jason segel i love, since i’ve been watching how i meet your mother (which btw is hilarious). a sweet lil’ bro-mantic comedy. i got my chuckles worth. this one held back on any awkward naked man butt scenes but it did have an inevitable projectile bodily fluids scene. hey, i enjoy toilet man-flix humor every so often. we’ve got too much things to stress & worry about as is. \,,/(^_^)\,,/

lil’ tidbit: rashida jones is a sweet girlfriend in this movie but she played a bully in freaks & geeks.

in other news: r.i.p. natasha.


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