american ethnic stage

sometimes i don’t think i go out enough to enjoy culture. yet sometimes i think, hell i’m too lazy to care, but thankfully i’ve got gals in the ‘hood to push each other out to do things. we went to check out a friend’s play. the play was beautifully done that 90mins went past just like that. *snap* not wanting to sound like an angry rebel with fist in the air or anything but it brings up issues of how people not just here, but all over the world, perceive race & ethnicity through media. because throughout our lives, we’ve come across stereotypes. some just a chaffing on the skin and some brutally & scarring. makes you wonder if the media dictates & coddles its audience. and with that, some may never know & accept what they see on tv as the truth. its a shallow world out there. its up to us (as individuals) to go deeper & find the truth. as far as the play goes, it touches some of those points, its serious but not in a lecturing way. i thoroughly enjoyed it all, laughed, learned & related. anyhoo, go check out the play for yourself. there’s only one more week left after today.

racist candy? nah, just malt candy w/ black beans



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