the library

woohoo, i’ve discovered the world of ordering & holding books online at the library. i know this is probably old news to you all. apparently, i hadn’t used my library card since 2005. i realized it when i couldn’t log in and had to go into the library so they can reissue me a new one. doh!

so one of the books i checked out was on holistic chinese food & healing. immediately, the librarian checking my books out asked where i was from. i said here (america). she seemed disappointed, i guess she was hoping i was from china. she was hoping as a mainlander i would know what that particular taste(ingredient) that is in all the chinese restaurants. not that someone from china would have known what every friggin’ chinese restaurant in town puts in their food. i said i don’t know. but in my head i thought, was she wanting to know the ancient chinese fast food secret was soy sauce?



One thought on “the library

  1. Soy sauce of MSG, right? Hahaha…

    Dude, the library is seriously my best friend right now. Ever since I got my card, I’ve been getting out all kinds of cooking books, reading books, and cds!

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