ONLY for ME!

yes, i made Nigella’s chocolatey chocolate chip cookies* and its friggin’ awesome! i don’t have much of a sweet tooth but damn these are worth keeping all to myself. muwhahhaaha! yes shamefully, it made me all greedy.

so now i must confess and ask my fat butt for forgiveness for I have sinfully stuffed my face nonstop while in the big apple.


The only time I denied any food was when I got to Spice. It looked all fancy like a nightclub, crowded w/ hipsters, students & tourists alike. My main purpose was to meet up with a friend for a few hours. I ordered the simplest & cheapest dish I could find on that menu. i picked spring roll. unfortunately it was hard, bland & a very gross sauce. You can tell by the picture that its boring. lettuce! no thai herbs?! wtf! proof that pictures don’t lie. Even my friend who chose the duck sludge got exactly that. Duck slathered in brown muck & really salty might i add. I highly don’t recommend this place, but if mediocre & pseudo thai is what you like, than this is your kind of place. sucker!

Thankfully that was only 5% of all my meals in NYC. 95% of it was total tasty awesomeness. I did manage to do the one exercise for all 5 days: walking. Don’t know how much I could have walked off but it’s the one good thing new york does after a meal or three. Ha!


*recipe from Nigella Express


5 thoughts on “

  1. Looks delicious! Is the chocolatey chocolate chip cookie in one of her books or can I find it online somewhere? I’m always on the lookout for the next great cookie recipe.

  2. its IS!! i added walnuts to my cookies & maybe macadamia on my nxt batch. its from Nigella Express. lotsa great recipes quick.

  3. Ack… it all looks so good, starting with the HUGE cookie (is it huge, or is the photo playing a trick on my eyes?).

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