i love empanadas!!

okay, i made this last night because i really wanted an empanada after seeing the receipe in this week’s NYT. i was already defrosting some organic ground beef and this was the perfect use for it otherwise i would have made a shepards pie w/ the leftover mash potatoes from easter sunday. i made a few adjustments. i was too lazy to make the empanada wrappers from scratch so i rolled & cut out some store bought pie crust (one pie crust made approx. 4 big ones & 2-3 bite size). i also made use of this hungarian paprika paste, i had no idea what to do with, from a friend who brought it back from hungary because she said they put it on everything. *shrug* thats what she said. anyhoo the results: pie crust is flakier than what i’m use to but it works. i’ll have to make it spicier, maybe an extra jalapeño for extra kick.

in other news: you know what is friggin’ annoying & stupid??!! when the phone keeps ringing & its this teen girl who call for a boy & you tell them they have the wrong number & they are in denial that its the wrong number so they call again. then they try again 2 seconds later w/ a private log on caller id and its obvious who it is again.

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