i like this fun pictorial weather forecasting. april is almost over, swine flu is hi topic & the president has been in office for 100 days. boy, time is flying & shit is happening. may is just around the corner. holy crap, i have a lot of things i want to get done in the next few months (paint, clear & clean this apt). i need motivation!

zz plant

i recently recommended the zz plant to a friend who says the only plant she has alive in her house is the bamboo plant. this plant is a no brainer. a nice green plant that will grow & grow with little care. the one i have (above pic) is about 2yrs old. i didn’t even repot it. i just water it when its super dry (i think there was a time i didn’t water it for a month). i don’t even have it sitting by a window sill (its a great for low light rooms). mine has double its size from when i first brought it home. how easy can that be, huh?

another succulent

my most recent acquisition is a new succulent (above pic) to replace my citronella plant. i’ve had my citronella plant for almost 4 or 5 yrs before it died over this past winter, i’m assuming it was attacked by some yucky ugly bug. but if i see another one around, i’m gonna have to pick one up again. it smells wonderful out on the porch in the summers. come on warm weather!

i get questions from friends & family about plants all the time. i’m not an expert, i’m just going by what i’ve come across or done over the years. i don’t consider myself a greenthumb but i like plants & i try to find what works for me. easy, green, lush, low maintenance. a little research & trial n’ error. i have to say ikea has a lot of good choices for low maintenance plants. than you get to find all kinds of fun & even sometime cute planter pots to house them in. hehehe

beeps & the giant coffee cup

beeps & the giant coffee cup

in other news: my gawd, i love netflix! esp their instant watch capabilites, i’ve been on a Law & Order marathon. i prefer CI over SVU but i like SVU than the plain ol’ L&O (if you watch it, you’d understand). i don’t even watch L&O because i can’t stand that Anderson dude. its amazing to see everyone who’s an actor, past & present, have been on L&O, some have become more famous. i can’t help it, i love the final twist of each episode.

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