mass workout

What a day i tell ya! couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. we got off the train a little too far so we had to walk north & into the huge crowd for the free opening of the New Modern Wing. it must of been sponsored by target because they were passing out free water & snacks left & right. i will have to check it out another time but thx for the free snacks & drinks! we were actually on our way to check out the SELF magazine workout @ grant park. who knew with so much other stuff going on in the city that there would be a massive crowd here. it was a muddy mess since it had just rained last night. i thought it was funny how there was a line to meet n greet Jillan from the biggest loser & a woman was balling like she just saw elvis (not the ghost but coulda been, ha!). i did one session of cardio kickboxing & i was pretty pooped(hello, outta shape fatty-fats). afterwards we trekked over to the green festival @ navy pier. strolled through the booths & sat down for a quick pasta lunch i had packed. i swear it gets to be more corporate tradeshow/bohemian craft far like than a festival. missing are a lot of big organic food products & other literatures (timeout, wholefoods, grist, etc). there wasn’t even organic chocolate this year to taste, wtf? before we knew it, it was already 5pm. it was definitely a long long day of activities. my body was ready to die on the way home. ha!

in other news: my front patch (closet to the street not in front of the house) is a damn crying shame. i can’t even see grass amongst the weeds & dandelions anymore. i think i’m gonna have to pull out the chemicals.


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