one year ago, i was in buenos aires. they call it the paris of latin america. it has some parisian similarities but it still holds its own in so many ways. to think, i was noshing on media lunas daily, sippin’ on submarinos, dodgin’ doggy poop, scavenging some antiques, eatin’ a lot of good cuts of meat & just takin’ in by the BA scene. my, how time flies.

@ la cabrera

media luna & maté


cemetery de la recoleta

i suppose this post could have been a link to an old post if had i ever finished blogging the details in the first place. sorry, i usually get sidetracked & lazy when i get home. i’mma bad bad blogger who never finishes what she writes. oh well, at least i’ve noted here in a pictorial kinda way. LOL!

don’t cry for me argentina!

in other news: my dental saga continues!!

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