did i mention i went to holland early last month, as in holland, michigan (usa)? to go catch one of the tulip festivities happening throughout that week. people young & old, dressed up like the dutch boy or milk maid, clogging through the streets. tulips everywhere. lotsa activities for kids. an open art fair & plenty of food inside & out.

in this case its, dutch girls
i had a juicy burger for lunch while going through the schedule of activities of that day.

i suppose you can leave with a pair of wooden shoes as a souvenir but i can’t imagine it being very comfortable w/ out wearing thick socks & it would probably work better as a door jam.

so the alternative would be these poofy clog slippers.

but stepping out of the crazy crowd isn’t such a bad idea. just on the other side of the lake is a cute little red lighthouse & a nice beach. it was still pretty chilly & bare that day, but still worth the trek & sanity.

in other news: who loves microsoft excel??!!! it has gotton the bitchy & foul mood in me today. why oh, why are the functions so difficult to manage. in the end i must learn this horrid program because i have to, as i go into a hissy fit, stomping the ground & raise my fist in the air. “bah-hum-bug!!”


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