open face

after watching something on tv about scandinavia, i had a strong urge to eat smørrebrød, those little open face sandwiches that would line up inside scandinavian cafe counter windows (though i remember salivating for some in prague, too).  appealing & revealing all its yummy self, instead of being sandwiched between another piece of bread. forget about the dessert, i’m all about the savory.

display window in copenhagen

pick me!! pick me!!

i don’t think i’ll be heading out to any northern european country anytime soon but then again you never know. right now, all i know i want is one of those dang sandwiches. mmmm….what do i have at home to recreate this urgency?

wasa crisp bread + hard boiled egg + frozen precooked shrimp (defrosted of course) +  cream cheese +  fresh chives from the garden+ salt & pepper :

shrimp smørrebrød

shrimp smørrebrød

of course after that one, i wanted another one. can’t just have one, right? plus i still have the other half of the egg to finish. so then i made this w/ tomatoes minus the shrimp:

tomatoe smørrebrød

tomato smørrebrød

how was it? delish.


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