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simple & bright

simple & bright

while i respect friends who have a gazillion “diet” restrictions, its sometimes nice to try a new place with the few friends who are way more gastronomically adventurous than i am. and with this fact, we can usually cover the entire menu without crossing things off just because it has meat, dairy, hot spices, or the other laundry list of “no’s”

as a treat we went to check out the new indonesian restaurant northside of the city. with an empty stomach we were ready to eat.

from top l - r: tahu isi, sate sapi, martabak telor, beef rendang w/ rice

i think my favorite was the martabak telor, a light crepe with a delicious filling of ground beef, green onions & spices. the tahu isi (stuffed tofu) was kinda bland. no wait, it was bland. And according to my eating buddy, the beef rendang gets close to home. that’s a good thing.

special nasi kuning

lastly we got to try the daily special of nasi kuning. it had grilled beef, tempeh, turmeric rice & a salad that could be gado gado, but i forgot to ask.

check it out: angin mamiri 2739 w. touhy ave, chicago

an extra rant for your pleasure: while we were the only one in the restaurant at that hour, a couple peeked in and made themselves comfortable at a corner. they brought in their own wine & asked the owner if they served alcohol & if it was okay as byob, in which they responded “no” to both.  and out of no respect to the cultural & religion of the restaurant.  they just said “oh we’ll just drink it quietly” which made no fucking sense. HELLO?! ignorant people! their muslim & the food is halal. they proceeded to boast about living in singapore & visited indonesia for #years. i guess they didn’t learn much from living overseas all that time.  my gawd, couldn’t they have held off on the liquor for an hour? geezus. lastly, they told the waitress to “kill” the noisy AC so they can eat & drink quietly, while talking really loud. wtf??!! now the AC was bit loud & cold but its friggin’ 90+ outside so whatever, i’d rather eat my food in nice AC. thankfully, we were finishing our meal because, it was starting to get pretty stuffy & toasty in there.


2 thoughts on “indo chow

  1. Oh boy! This looks yummy. If they have a good nasi goreng, I will die because that is one of my favorite dishes!

    Also, if you need another adventurous eater to check out Chicago restaurants, I’m always game. Most of my friends here, sadly, have the blandest taste in food. 😦

    • they do have nasi goreng!! i’d love to go back to try the other things on the menu.

      awesome, lets go do some foodie ventures. boo for bland! there’s too much goodies out there to be had!

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