weekend recap


dental apparatuses

for my chompers

started the weekend by finishing my dental saga. three years of “project managing” between a dentist, orthodontist & oral surgeon.  i probably should have kept a better journal of the whole process. who knew one tooth would cause such a tidal wave of an ordeal. oh well, i’m just glad its friggin’ over.

as for the day of the 4th, rain, gloom, mosquitos & kinda chilly i might add. not the most enjoyable but still in good company & lots & lots of food. we didn’t even bother to check out the big fireworks and just blew a few in the yard. we ended the evening with a late bonfire.


hollywood ride

hollywood ride

the day after the 4th was beautiful. i was just gonna stay home & chill but ended up going for a bike ride. almost made it to the bontanical gardens but decided to turn back after about 8 or 10 miles of nonstop peddling. its been a while since i biked so i’m really paying for it today. oh well, it was a totally well worth the pain. i can’t wait to ride the path again.

hope everyone had a great weekend, too!

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