1 for 2




one of the best things i’ve discovered about gardening was swiss chard. the funny thing is that i’ve never grown or ate swiss chard until my friend Sue gave me a bunch 3yrs ago from her garden. i was hooked after making a yummy soup out of it. even better after i read about all its nutritious entities. so one year, i saw a pack of seedlings for sale at home depot and decided to give it a try. it was a bountiful veggie that keeps on giving. this year, i decided to incorporate rainbow swiss chard more decoratively but also cut it for food. (see picture above) i think it looks pretty darn nice, dontcha think?


bowl full of yumminess

bowl full of yumminess

this is a super easy dish to make with swiss chard. i have no measurements or amounts because its really up to you what you like. all you need:

a big bunch of swiss chard

3-4 links of hot italian sausage or andouille, sliced. 

onions, chopped

a bag of frozen cheese tortellini

canola oil or olive oil

half cup of water

first boil & cook the tortellini. put aside & let cool. cook the sliced sausages (in the pic above, i used spicy chicken andouille sausages). i find that its better to have a little spicy kick. so if you have mild sausages, it might be nice to add some red pepper flakes in at this point. when almost done toss in onions. once its all cooked slowly toss in the swiss chard in little by little because it’ll start to twindling down in size. once all in, pour in the water & let it come to boil. let the water reduce a little but still leave enough to keep the dish wet. turn off the heat. toss in the tortellini. you can add salt & pepper, but usually i find there is enough salt & pepper in the sausages. its all ready to eat. bon appetit.


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