kitty tidbits

pets & the friendly skies – ha, now they have PetAirways to fly your pets from one major city to another in the main cabin and not under a seat or in the cargo area. how cool is that? Right now its just cats & dogs but i’m sure someday it’ll expand to other pets & cities as the demand grows. 

i really hate how cat trees (i begrudgingly have a small one) & beds look. i thought the lotus tree house looks pretty nice. it would work better than the rug tree pole. at least it would look like it wouldn’t adhere a carpet tree full of kitty hair, which is a pain to clean!

now look at this architecturally designed cat/dog house. isn’t it cute? too bad its a bit pricey for me but if you got the extra cash to throw on your furry friend, why not? so no cool kitty house in my house 😦

mod kitty

mod kitty

two of my fav things: food & kitties. Nyanko makes the cutest plushy toy  with a veggie or food item sandwiching a kitty. i saw so many of this when i was in a Hong Kong department store a few years back. i remember circling around for hours wondering if i should throw my money on this. in the end, i didn’t buy any of it. shoulda. coulda. woulda.
 Jumbo nyanko burgersushi set 1


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