east coasting

gorgeous p-town homes

with the grim economy & layoffs, i really have no business vacationing, when i myself am not doing all that great either. but then again, why sulk around boohooing about it when an opportunity awaits. ideally with all this free time it would have been nice to go abroad & take in parts of the world i never had the time for. unfortunately responsibilities (house, pets, etc.) & $$ put a screeching stop to that idea. ha!

as much as i hate having loving family & friends move away across or out of the country, it gives me an excuse or opportunity to take a trip. the opportunity came when my good friend G was recently laid off & had some free time before she makes her next move out of CT. i see this as a good way to visit an old friend & see parts of new england that even she had no time for before her layoff. i packed a single bag & headed east.

spontaneity was the plan. just a few destinations buzzing about. 3hrs or less from point A to point B, by car or boat. we can change destinations at the last minute if we wanted & it would be no big deal to go back to point A. just going with the flow, you know?

on our way to the cape

on our way to the cape

cape cod, ma.

half an hour before getting into the car, we decided to go directly to the destination with the longest drive. got online & booked a room for the night and made our way to the town on the tip of the hook called Provincetown.

colorful charm

cute. quaint. a very new england charm.

probably one of the gayest town i’ve ever been. pride day is everyday here. i take that over obnoxious family vacationers or college spring break types. its a small world, when we bumped into a long lost friend from back home & his posse of boys. how coinky-dink is that?

pride of color

pride's way

on our way out of the cape we made a stop in Hyannis. JFK’s summer stomping ground. we headed for the JFK museum. some paraphernalia, mostly reprinted pixelated images & not the best recreated couture dresses, i thought the museum looked better on the outside than what was inside.

@ the jfk museum

@ the jfk museum

before we left the cape for good, we took one more quick detour to the cape cod potato chip factory. sorry no pictures but we did get to sample 2 small bags of their plain chips. i was hoping to sample some of the different flavors like you do at the coca cola museum, but nada! too bad, because i would have bought something if i liked a different flavor. eh, what do you expect when its a free self guided tour. *shrug*

boston, ma.

we were going to go to newport, ri but it started to drizzle so we made our way north to boston. when we got into town, we decided to wait out the rain while we had lunch. unsure of what to do with ourselves in the gloomy weather we went & did the most touristy of tourist thing to do, freedom trail (a marked red trail around the center of town). there was a choice to do it with a guide in his colonial duds or buy a $3 map & follow the red line yourself. we chose the later because we can skip locations if we felt like.

freedom trail trek

freedom trail trek

we ended our tour at faneuil hall market. i’m glad we did because as we were about to exit the market a sudden stream off people started rushing inside. downpour. with no rain gear, it gave us no choice but to stay and eat junky mall food till the rain subsided. i’ll have to go back to boston to see more another time.

for boston coffee or tea, eh?

for boston coffee or tea, eh?

new london, ct

there really isn’t that much here but what little i did was enough to divert what could have been too much time in a dull sleepy town. i see it as having a travel time frame & making the best of what i can.

a sea of umbrellas along ocean beach

a sea of umbrellas along ocean beach

ocean beach park reminds me of coney island without the cyclone rollercoaster. three choice of water fun: the ocean, fresh water or pool.

Q foods

Q foods

small towns means slim pickings on the food but i really enjoyed my tender slices of beef brisket @ chester’s bbq.


pizzzzzaah @ 2 wives

this town loves pizza, i think we passed one every half mile if they weren’t literally next door to one another. we had gone to two establishments: one with a 40-60min wait. yeah right, i’ll only do that if i’m going to grimaldi’s in brooklyn, ny. the other had only one tall bar table left & an empty counter facing the pizza chef & an open oven. the chef was not a happy camper, as we suspect it was short staffed & he was manning the pizzas solo in a packed dining room & probably a stack of takeout orders. he was mad at the dough, pounding it like he was a bully after school & cussing under his breathe.  i don’t know about you but when i’m not in the mood to cook, my cooking is usually off & bad. so when we finally get our pie. it was looked nice & thin but the toppings were salty as all hell.

walls of the fort

walls of the fort

made a quick historical stop to fort trumbull. it was closed on a monday. so we just did a quick hike around the premises. a nice place to bike ride if i had a bike. 😛

be careful of the spiney bush

be careful of the spiney bush to enter the beach

block island, ri

i guess if i had more time we would have made our way to martha’s vineyard or nantucket for a few days but decided on a day trip to somewhere closer & cheaper (mainly cheaper). we decided on block island. to tell you the truth, i’ve never ever heard of this place but apparently many new englanders & neighboring east coasters make their way here for vacations & weekend getaways. a short ferry boat ride from either CT or RI, gets you to a cute beach island with super soft sand, sea weedy waters, seaside restaurants & a scenic path for bike riders.

block mosaic

block mosaic

as for food, G had forewarned me, they like their deep fry out here and she wasn’t kidding. i suppose if i was a good swimmer i’d swim off the excessive fat. NOT!

ODing on the fried

ODing on the fried extravaganza

i think i spent the perfect amount of time beach town hopping. if any longer, it will probably start looking & feeling the same if not already. all in all, it was a good time.

thanks to G for her hospitality & P for all the driving. see you at your next destination!


4 thoughts on “east coasting

  1. great post! interesting! is that fried sea food / fish on your pic?

    as a huge fan of “moby dick” (2nd best novel ever imho!) i would have visited nantucket though! haha! 😉

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