wknd blur

silver beach sunset

yes, before i had unpacked from my last trip i was already out the door on the next. sure i felt a bit guilty but i swear its for good reasons.

  1. it was a short drive from chicago(appx.2hrs)
  2. serene beaches of the other side of lake michigan
  3. can’t resist a free place to stay esp. in a great beach town, st. joseph
  4. reunion of college friends, two visiting from massachusetts

relishing good times with good friends in a beautiful place are rare moments in our busy adult lives. also reconnecting w/ old friends from MA may turn into an east coasting part deux, northeast version. mmm…friends w/ benefits makes life special, eh?

@ the blueberry farm (sawyer, mich)

@ the blueberry farm (sawyer, mich)

on our way back to the city, we did make a quick detour to pick ourselves a bucket of blueberries. i had enough after picking up 3lbs of berries & soaked to the core in the hot sweltering summer heat. omg, it was HOT & HUMID!

now if only the traffic in town would speed up. how do they expect this to go well if the olympics did make here!??

add an extra 30mins of bumper to bumper

add an extra 30mins of bumper to bumper


3 thoughts on “wknd blur

  1. ha! 2 travel posts in a row! i’m jealous! 😛

    same traffic around munich, bavaria – and they want the olympic winter games. same thing everywhere i guess… =/

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