end of august

sculpture park

sculpture park

i can’t believe summer is almost over. didn’t it just begin like a few weeks ago? the weather finally felt like summer. my tomatoes were finally thriving but lately the chilly evenings probably stunted the growth & i’m being robbed blind by squirrels as i type this. *fist in air* august hasn’t been unbearable nor stifling but when the sky is clear & blue, i’m gonna friggin’ enjoy it for what it is.

to savor in the last of summer or august, i was able to convince the hubs in for a bike ride along a nice path north of the city. a good 2 hour ride to make me ache a little the next day. i’m gonna have to do it again before the weather really gets crazy cold, cause you never know about chicago weather.

my favorites: fried grn tomatoes, bacon & avocado

as for the most part, i realize i haven’t been writing much since my east coast trip. lame, i know. i had a few things that needed to be taken care of and now that i’m almost done, i can take care of more things and so it goes on. never a dull moment, i tell ya.

Taking care of business means eating a mish mosh of things. rice for breakfast. cereal for lunch. hotdogs for dinner. fried green tomatoes & bacon for snacks. i guess it doesn’t have to be so defined, it just needs to taste good & filling, right?

its all good

its all good

in other news: i’m glad i was done with all my dental work earlier this year because my dentist told me this morning that my super awesome orthodontist was found dead & washed ashore in lake michigan. i didn’t believe it but she showed me the newpaper clipping and there he was. so sad.


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