clearing house


bye-bye crap-o-la!!

its amazing how much paper a little bitty office can consume. we purged &  filled 3 recycling dumpsters (from the city) & 2 file cabinets, which was quickly snatched up by metal scrappers combing the alleys. i swear i do my best to save the trees by recycling both sides. plus i know i’ve been good with printing since i have not had to change my cartridge for over 3yrs? thankfully these days, clients are cool with electronic drafts. we’ve already spent 3 days unloading, tossing & shredding years & years worth of paperwork. to think we’ve already done this before 6yrs ago prior to moving. i would say i’ve got about 2 or 3 more days of filtering & organizing before we’re done for a while. crazy!

while were on the topic of disposing, i’ve been engrossed by Hoarders. the food hoarder episode gave me nightmares & i had to go clean out my fridge the very next day. **shudder**

while i'm out...

for the hubs, while i'm out**

i forgot to post about my cooking frenzy i had prior to east coasting last month. call me crazy but i felt bad i was going away while the hubs was working his little booty off at the office. so i made him homemade food that he can warm up or eat cold when he got home from work.

**sorry i had no time to plate them nicely for pictures.

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