its september, already

soaking in some sun

hanging out @ the lurie garden

the bean

wee me on the bean


spent the rest of the afternoon in millenium park after a meeting. not too crowded. beautiful & sunny sky. warm in the sun yet cool in the shade.

combo noodles

combo noodles

had lunch @ seven on state (macy’s food court on the 7th flr). it is probably one of the better fast food meals i’ve had in a long time. we went to takashi a few weeks ago hoping for some homemade japanese ramen but was told it was only available on sundays. so takashi himself mentioned going to his fast food outlet at macy’s. not the cheapest lunch (pic above was $12 w/ out drink, what can i say its fancy fast food) but definitely tasty & filling. i chose the combo, shio noodles & shrimp spring roll. i’d go back next time to try the pork bun & shiyo ramen or maybe i can try a marcburger.


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