too much stuff



sometimes there is so much stuff in my kitchen i literally forget that i have it. take for instance, i ran out of foil to bake some stuff & held off because of that. then i realized i had one of those silicone baking mats. yesterday, i used up the last coffee filter and didn’t get a chance to pick any up before this morning. i was gonna be bummed out w/ no hot cuppa java this morning. *ding* hello, i have a coffee press & an over-the-stove expresso kettle. duh!

i’ve been reading Daughter of Heaven and there was a part where i was like yeah! that is so true! excerpts from the book:

“To make matters even worse, each piece of the seeming arsenal silverware had to be set at a specific location around one’s place setting. Compared to the Chinese single porcelain bowl and single pair of ivory chopsticks, eating Western-style was complicated and inefficient to an extreme. ”

“It’s surprising to me how many machines, big, and small foreigners need to cook a good meal,” Dashao said, finally, “while we Chinese need only a wok and a cleaver.”

that explains why my parents didn’t own a microwave, coffee maker or blender etc while we were growing up. and now that i think about it, everything taste just fine if not great. i suppose this is what they call slow cook movement these days. ha!


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