fun house


i just got a new game & now my arms are all sore. sword play & table tennis is to blame. i don’t play video games that often but when i do, its hour & hours past.

i remember when the hubs got me sim city for the first time. i played it nonstop, day & night, for a whole month until i shut it down & went to sleep, cold turkey. then another time, my brother handed down his old xbox with a pile of games, which i probably played until my joints felt all retarded and things were’t getting done in real life. i’ve since passed it on to kids in the family. while my wii is here to stay, i’ve probably instigated indirectly a few friends into buying a wii in the past year or two. hey don’t blame me when they had so much fun they had to continue the fun at their home, too. ha! the hubs & i were talking about getting this. dunno. we shall see.

happy friday to a long holiday weekend!


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