big love 4 big jones

pillow of heaven

pillow of heaven

it was a beautiful weekend full of activities. full might be an understatement, but still a fun filled weekend.

saturday was almost a blur. now say it with one breath: garden sale. brunch. craft fair. korean bbq dinner.  yeah, i was pooped afterwards.

sunday was a bit more leisure. brunch & biking. did i mention how perrfecct of a day it was for bike riding?!

(clockwise: eggs new orleans, eggs romero, eggs alexander, andouille & sweet potato biscuits)

i finally had a chance to have brunch w/ the two people who highly recommended this place. when you have close foodie friends who tell you must go try this place, i have to go do it.

as soon as they plopped down a plate of powdery pillow beignets, i knew i was in for some good eatin’.  i love southern style cooking done well. so, i’m glad this place does it right.  i didn’t have coffee but my cohorts said it was really good, even though they wished it had chicory like they do in new orleans. i had a nice spicey bloody mary w/ a pickled okra garnish. yum! good thing i was eating with people who don’t mind sharing a bite or two off their dishes because that only confirms that i can’t wait to order that dish the next time i go back. plus the food porn collage above should wet one’s appetitie. delish! until next time…


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