dark room days

dark room days

what a waste to find all my photography darkroom chemicals & tools, some still new or gently used. bye bye $, cause that stuff was not cheap. its amazing how much shit one has until you dig, unearth, sift through and just unhoarding by tossing it out without blinking an eye.


i’ve got old outdated travel guides taking up a whole shelf that i can certainly use for my other books.


Zomg, i’m a magazine whore!! well, use to be. in college i was like the friggin’ periodicals because i had like 12+ different subscriptions (it would cost me like $20 total because my gf’s mom worked for one of the publisher). i’ve got it everywhere. under the coffee table. in the bookshelves. in plastic bins. in the basement. in the garage. in the bathroom. will i every read it again? probably most likely not. its time to toss it out into the recycling bins.  i’ve got only two subscriptions left & i’m letting them expire for good. i just go online if anything, plus its good to be green, right?

next thing(s) to tackle:

– closet. lets face it there are some things i will probably never lose enough weight for or wear it because its never the right occasion

– paperwork. too many years of statements, bills, receipts & whatnot to look through & shred. may need to coerce a little friend to shred for “fun” 😉

-furniture & things. need to sell dining table, chairs & snow thrower! may need to go through vintage pyrex pile, too. eek!

its all a slow process, but i tend to get it all done before year’s end. *fist in the air*


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