autumn apple

autumn is not in the air yet, instead its warm & balmy like midsummer here. a bit sweltering if i say so myself. oh mother nature, please be easy on us this winter. no funny stuff please.

over the weekend on our way up to wisconsin, we made a quick stop into apple holler because i usually crave the apple fritters or the apple sausage & kraut. we should have guessed it wasn’t a good idea when we saw rows upon rows of cars parked beyond the lot that it was family apple picking season. it was an insane mad house. i suppose that’s what you do when you have kids, go apple picking & ride the donkeys or something like that. there was a crowd of people by the podium waiting to be seated but we were seated immediately maybe because most were waiting for tables of over 4ppl+. little did we know days like this they only offer buffet. nothing exciting to take pictures of because  it was worse than tv dinner or a school lunch cafeteria. i did get to eat my apple sausage & apple kraut but it had been simmering for who knows how long. actually everything was a simmering mess. i saw the mac & cheese then a gloppity goop in the next tray. mash potatoes some tossed mess over there. some i can’t even identify. it was beyond gross. lets just say we ate & ran but we paid for it (or at least the hubs did) by the time we got to our destination. yuckity-yucks! it should be called apple hurler that day. **shudder** on our way back to the car, i managed to pick one apple off the tree by our car, in hopes to clean the dirty palate.


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  1. we totally need to remedy this and go somewhere better. because i missed a chance at apple picking last year because work was so nuts. i’m hoping for a break (and an actual weekend!) soon.

  2. 0,5 liter apple juice (organic is best!)
    0,1 liter orange juice
    0,4 liter mineral water
    add some lemon/lime juice…

    …best summer drink ever. ice cold please! =)

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