wknd recap


it was a nice weekend. spent it with family & friends.

friday: hit up a gallery show w/ the kids. i was babysitting (picture above) while her mama was busy buggin’ out. went home for some late nite greasy pizza & RC. the RC was a mistake because it kept me up till 3am, so crazy me made a fun video of my favorite little person (which i have to shorten & edit in the future). her energy cracks me up.

saturday: my dad came to visit & we all went shopping. the shopping they like to do is grocery. they especially enjoy the free samples the weekends have to offer. there was a sale on fresh blue crab so we bought a bag full and he made a few for me to steam up before leaving my house with the rest of the crabs.

blue crab special

blue crab special

it was only mid afternoon when they left.  i should have taken a nap, but i didn’t. i realize i can not party till the wee hours in the morning anymore. i’m gonna blame it on age because i’m still sore & tired after saturday’s late nite soiree for a friend’s birthday. i’m sorry but gay men can throw some damn good parties. drinks & food galore. fun crazy people. at one point i started cooking some of the food along w/ two other guests. at around 2am, my gf & i literally conked out in the middle of someone’s conversation. well from what my gf & i can remember, the topic was a bit on the heavy syrupy side. its good to keep it light & fun because the music is loud & alcohol was o-plenty that equals a shortened attention span & my will to keep my eyelids open. LOL.

sunday: woke up w/a slight hangover and a very sore body (slept really wrong). dealt w/ some tenancy issues. baked a batch of PB & C cookies. caught up on some netflix but still haven’t finished my book yet. i’m such a slow poke reader.

the nice weather lasted just before the weekend ended. now its blustering cold out there. Bbbbrrrrrrr! i had to pull out some warm things to wear. boots instead of flip flops & long tshirts instead of tank tops. i should really refrain from holding or petting any cats while wearing a black cashmere sweater. but i can’t, cause they are just so warm & cuddly. oh and cute might i add.


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