its friday?

i seriously didn’t realize today was friday until i was talking to my dad about plans to come by friday or saturday. its been a mayhem week. i thought it was still wednesday.

amazingly i was able to fit in a cocktail & movie:

girl power movie

girl power movie

went out for the premiere of whip it. i like drew barrymore. i loved the roller chicks stage names & teams. its funny w/ girl power for women of all ages.  i totally enjoyed it. *thumbs up*

it makes me want to rollerskate, kind of. i liked rollerskating as a kid when the city had a rollerskating rink to go to. now its a condo.

before catching our movie, we stopped in for some cocktail & food @ niu. i go to that theater all the time & never realized this place was next door. it was also good to know an old long lost friend was a host there. it was sooo awesome to see him. we use to have crazy good fun together. so much so, someone mistaken us as a couple but little did they know he plays for another team.


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