In the news



a bit on the down low but still alive & well. just busy taking care of business. boring stuff. nothing exciting. besides there’s plenty of other things in the news than my so called life.

1) NOlympics for chicago. sad but kinda good. it went to rio. its a first for south america. share the worldly love. i say good luck. i mean between City of God, Bus 174 & Favela Rising, how safe is it for tourist to be there. its a corrupt & dangerous city. a friend who actually got stabbed in the “rich” neighborhood there said everyone in her hostel had been robbed at least once out there. my brother’s brazilian friends even said the favela‘s are probably celebrating & hungry. so we’ll see.

2) Mother nature bitchin’up a storm. she cried, wailed & hollered @ the phillipines, samoa & indonesia.

3) *POOF* and just like that, Gourmet magazine died. i was never a subscriber (plus its easier to get things online these days. less tree too) but i would pick one up occasionally to stare & salivate over some lovely pictures & recipes.

4) Snow?? did they say snow next week? i don’t think so. hope not.


2 thoughts on “In the news

  1. very nice picture… kinda romantic evening ambiance!

    weather’s getting nastier over here, and honestly i’m NOT ready for snow right now. we had the first morning frost though, brrr. thank god i’m going to greece next week!

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