wild things


leave it up to my friend E to get me into a free premiere of where the wild things are. she is the master of free things, esp movie premieres. with all the hype of this childhood classic, i nearly jumped when i found her email the day of show. i wasn’t even sure it was still available for me to see it with her since i didn’t respond to her over the weekend. luckily it was still for the taking when i called her the morning before the premiere.

as for the movie, i liked it but not in loooove with it. its not going to follow the book to the T but its done pretty well for stretching a storybook that you can read through Β in 10 mins to last 102 mins, ya know. just make sure you don’t sit too close too close to the front like we did. only because the premiere gave us very limited seating choices. they only opened up the last two back rows and the first three front rows for the general ticket holders. the rest were reserved for radio show winners & press. the back rows were taken up as soon as we walked in. so we had to go w/ the third row from the front. still too close but a bit better than the very front. as soon as the movie came on, i already knew i was going to be closing my eyes for much of the movie. not because the movie was bad or terrifying, but because i literally get sick from all the action so close up. the second thing was sitting behind a smelly dude. ugh, nothing is worse than being in the vicinity of someone who smells and getting whiffs of a wet dirty towel. bleeech! the man next to him literally leaned as far left as he could.

the hubs & i meet up w/ a couple friend to catch zombieland. gorey at times but in a funny way. i liked woody. the kid who’s like the alternate michael cera comes back to another amusement. then you’ve also got girls w/ guns. how exciting is that?! with a surprise guest appearance if you haven’t seen it already. it was classic. fun. full of action. i like horror w/ humor done in a good way. we enjoyed very much.

i think the next movie i’d love to see is tim burton’s alice in wonderland. i want to see what kind of whimsical crazy twist he comes out with this classic. πŸ™‚


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