manic monday

tea & sandwich

flowering tea & hot rye sandwich w/ ham, brie & pears

was not looking foward to Monday since Saturday evening. its been a busy & crazy day. getting things outta the way w/ 30 Rock (season 1) playing off to the side. Mmmm…i’m likin’ this show. ridiculously funny.

anyhoo, attended my first Thxgiving meal this weekend at a neighbor’s house. i knew a few of the guest but for the people who i didn’t know, i don’t think i would ever want to. One couple literally brought old out dated box of crackers & cheese. the box was yellowing & the cheese was frozen hard. i’m assuming they found whatever they had in their cupboard & freezer. on top of that, they brought a rotted watermelon. black spots. mushy. rotting. wtf?! then another couple brought drinks & held it close by them. one woman brought only 3 cans of soda. i guess it wasn’t for sharing. another woman brought a pie & 2 cans of whip cream, but insisted she wanted one back if we didn’t make our way through to the second can.  weird crowd i say, except for the people i know. i stayed in the kitchen. i didn’t mind. i’d rather busy myself carving the turkey & whatnot than deal w/ a much of hoo ha’s like that. i was not in the mood.


4 thoughts on “manic monday

    • its ok, it was an older crowd of people i really didn’t know. i’m sure they were all nice ppl in general. if i was the host, i’d be kinda insulted to some degree

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